this page was first posted to coincide with the 10th anniversary of 11th September  2001, last updated: 11 Sep 2023


22 years after the shocking events of 11th September 2001 during which three modern multi steel cored high rise buildings were brought down, the truth is known by many but not admitted to governmentally, leaving the lie that they were the result of a terrorist attack to remain as the official truth. From my time in the construction business I can say with absolute certainty that steel structured buildings simply do not collapse, even during long periods of extreme heat, which was not the case in this instance. Not only that but all three came down at near free fall speed, all within the space of a few hours. This could have resulted from nothing other than controlled demolition, leading us to conclude that this was an inside job.
Latest: May 2023,  15 minute watch
CIA involvement exposed
The desired agenda was the passing of the Patriot Act which trashed the US constitution, and the military invasion of much of the Middle East, beginning with Afghanistan. These wars cost millions of lives, trillions of dollars and had the opposite effect of their stated intention - to reduce and contain terrorism. The only winners were those individuals who migrated through the revolving door from Washington to the corporate sector in the manufacture of weaponry, requiring "forever wars" to sustain it. The desired result - the destabilization of the entire middle east, making it easier to manipulate and exploit.

Whilst the world's media reflects on the embarrassment of the USA in the botched withdrawal from its longest ever war - the 20 year occupation of Afghanistan, what needs to be discussed is that this war was launched under FALSE PRETENSE. This was the Orwellian 1984 moment when the cabal in Washington became the Ministry of Truth.

watch the many explosions below the falling canopy of debris
this is a classic example of a controlled demolition
Note:- in an effort to obfuscate, the second video clip launches about halfway through.
You need to slide the red spot at the end of the red play line back to the beginning.
top of WTC South Tower explodes ahead of collapse
Above are frames from a third video clip shot from the Hudson River, showing how
the top of one of the WTC towers explodes ahead of its collapse.

The USA has yet to admit to the complicity of those powerful personalities within the "Estabishment" in their control of the nations Defenses on that fateful day. The original blueprint for this event was hatched in 1962 by the Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff led by Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer, called Operation Northwoods. It involved the highjacking of planes, replacing them with drones and the staging of terrorist attacks in the USA which would then be blamed on Fidel Castro, providing the excuse to invade Cuba. When this plan was presented to President Kennedy, he dismissed the proposal and removed Lemnitzer from his post.

PNAC (Program for a New American Century) was hatched by a handful of NeoCons in the years leading up to 9/11 and a document they produced in 2000 stated that a new "Pearl Harbour" (false flag) event was
required to accelerate its agenda. That is exactly what 9/11 was. After Bush, aided and abetted by the U.S. Supreme Court, stole the 2000 election, the new bunch of neocons surrounding him were only too eager to revive and update Operation Northwoods, though this time with the Middle East in its sights.

What I find  disturbing today is that so many Americans still accept the official explanation, even though it is so blatantly contrived. It is itself merely a conspiracy theory, not supported either by science or by the facts.
watch on odysee 4.55 min.
What was needed was a thorough Criminal Investigation.  Of course, this could never be allowed to happen and the official explanation was a whitewash, as was the Warren Report into the assassination of JFK.

I am of the opinion that the western world is now largely run by a mafia of rich family dynasties, mostly American, which own and control all the major banking and corporate interests, often referred to as the "Deep State", who's people hold key posts in the CIA, FBI, NSA and other departments of importance. The democracy we think exists is no more than a thinly disguised veil. Most institutions set up to protect us from exploitation, including the judicial system, are now paid for or manned by personnel from the very interests from which we seek protection. Note that more recently, those who risked all to bring us the truth of the deceit secretly enacted by our governments in our name, like Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange, now languish in jail without proper legal representation, whilst Edward Snowdon, who revealed the widespread eavesdropping agenda, has had to accept asylum in Russia, where he has remained safe for the past 8 years. Steven Donziger, the human rights lawyer who won a $10bn lawsuit against Chevron on behalf of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin, who's habitat had been contaminated, has been persecuted by a U.S. judicial system captured by Chevron, which has yet to pay a cent the Ecuadorian government. Doctors who threatened the revenue stream of Big Pharma by introducing a cheap safe cure for cancer with no known side effects have been and continue to be persecuted. In the USA Jeff Bradstreet had his premises raided and was then murdered and in the UK David Noakes had his premises raided and spent a year in a UK jail whilst his assistant Lynda Thyer was extradited under EU law to France to languish for a year in a Paris prison. Last year, David Noakes was also extradited to jail in France, but managed to escape on bail at the beginning of this year. That will, no doubt, be the last we hear of them, certainly in the mainstream media.

4 years ago
I came across an excellent history lesson of the past 100 years, a YouTube documentary put together and narrated by an English history professor entitled "JFK to 9/11 Everything is a Rich Man's Trick", a link to which I posted below. It has now been removed from YouTube (it was only a matter of time), but may still be watched by following this  link. Watch it whilst you can.
JFK to 9/11 Everything is a Rich Man's Trick
a history lesson by Francis R Conolly
I consider it to be an excellent and accurate, though unorthodox history lesson of that part of our recent past we have not been taught at school or via the mainstream media. Though 3.5hrs long, you will find it quite compelling viewing, concurring with many of the topics already touched upon on this page. The Englishman who so expertly put this documentary together was attempting to raise some cash through an Indegogo crowdfunding page with the aim of producing a Part 2, but that page was sabotaged within days of it going up. I don't know how well his efforts are proceeding but I wish him well.

Many competent studies have been made by scientists, journalists, architects and engineers, resulting in dozens of books, documentaries and a tsunami of internet information, all coming to the same conclusion - that we have been lied to - deliberately misled. At the foot of the page are links to both books and documentaries which may be viewed online. In solving any crime, 
there is one overriding imperative that detectives must follow to identify the perpetrators: follow the money. The link below is an investigation of the 9/11 money trail.  The Corbett Report, published on 11 Sep 2015,  59 min.
the 9/11 money trail

took place on the 11th September 2001 was a massive deception - pure theatre! When three modern multi-steel cored high rise buildings - engineered to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes etc. and more specifically the impact of jumbo jets and the resultant fires - all collapsed in their entirety at almost free-fall speed, the 3rd neatly into its own footprint, leaving not even a single thread of core remaining, this could have been the result of nothing less than an expertly executed controlled demolition, which take many months to prepare for. To suggest otherwise is to relegate America's fraternity of highly trained and qualified building engineers to the realms of incompetence. Nowhere in the world has a single steel framed building ever collapsed in its entirety due to fire.
WTC towers collapse in an explosion of dust
Indelibly engrained in our memories are the images appearing on television screens around the world of exploding aviation fuel billowing forth from the upper floors of the twin towers of New York's World Trade Centre in down-town Manhattan after reportedly being struck by passenger jets less than 1 hour apart . Within the next 2 hours both towers had completely collapsed, followed later in the day by the total collapse of nearby WTC building 7.
Statue of Liberty watches as Manhattan suffocates in toxic dust

The documentary "In Plane Site" shows us clips from video footage of the plane that hit the WTC South Tower. It varies in several ways from a regular
 Boeing 767 passenger jet and appears to have something attached to it's underbelly.  My belief is that this plane was a "drone" with its nose packed with explosives.
plane that hit tower 2

Shortly after the towers were hit, something managed to punch a neat round hole approx 5m in diameter through six of the recently strengthened reinforced concrete walls of a section of the the Pentagon building in Washington DC which was conveniently out of service at the time, almost reaching the inner courtyard. It is then believed to have been quickly removed, hidden under a tarpaulin. Official sources and the media reported this to be a third passenger jet, yet not a single frame of photographic evidence has surfaced to support this claim. Were a passenger jet to crash into such a structure, one might expect the two 6 ton titanium jet engines, one on each wing, to penetrate the building, whilst the light and flimsy remainder of the aircraft would simply crumble against the outer wall, leaving an immense amount of debris on the lawn, but.... where was it all?  Why was there only one hole, not two, and why were the engines and landing gear not found? Subsequent analysis by many experts and engineers conclude that only a fighter jet travelling at high speed or a missile could have made such penetration. Only a U.S. military fighter jet would have a transponder fitted that would enable it to breach all 4 levels of high security surrounding this most heavily guarded building in the world.  A missile would be travelling much faster. A 757 passenger jet is 178'-8" long. It's maximum speed, possible only at high altitude is 530mph or approx 778 ft per second. At ground level it moves considerably slower. The frames below, widely available on many websites, cover a time frame of max 2 seconds.The height of the building is 77ft., so the horizontal distance from point of impact to edge of frame is approx. 250ft.  A Jumbo Jet could not have crossed this space without being caught on at least some of the frames.
Pentagon - moment of impact - no sign of a passenger aircraft
1 second time lapse images - note the nose of missile appearing on frame 2
Pentagon after collapse of outer section
hole punched right through all sections
whatever made the hole concealed and hastily removed?

A fourth passenger jet was also reported hijacked and to have crashed in a forest clearing in Pennsylvania, after passengers overpowered hijackers, leaving a small crater in the ground but mysteriously no wreckage, luggage or passengers, only a scattering of tiny fragments. Another site related to this incident was also cordoned off in the forest several miles away, but no reporters were allowed access.  It has since been reported that the plane's engines were located in this area. This suggests that it may have been shot down.
Shanksville Pensylvania - crash site with no wreckage, luggage or passengers???

What happened to WTC Building 7 is rather curious. Barry Jennings, 
Deputy Director of Emergency Services Department for the New York City Housing Authority, and Michael Hess, NYC Corporation Counsel, entered the building on the morning of Sep 11 shortly after the first plane hit the North Tower. When they got to their respective floors they found the building hastily evacuated - there were still hot cups of coffee on desks etc. They were advised to leave but on their descent there was an explosion that severely shook the building. The stairwell landing below them gave way and they had to climb back up to the 8th floor. They thought they were trapped as the stair wells had been damaged. Miraculously, after a long wait, they were rescued by firemen.  When they reached the ground floor they found it a burnt out shell and were told by the firemen not to look down - they were stepping over bodies. The explosion responsible for all this devastation occurred BEFORE the collapse of the WTC's towers1 & 2! Barry Jennings was later interviewed and appears on at least one of the subsequent documentaries, but his testimony was never sought by the official 9/11 investigation. He died on 19 August 2008, just 2 days before the NIST Final Report on the collapse of WTC7 was due for release, but his death was not reported, explained or investigated. He was one of many key 9/11 witnesses to die in mysterious circumstances. Read more
Barry Jennings

Immediately before and just after the first plane struck the north tower explosions were reported below the basement. Two key witnesses to this were William Rodriguez, a maintenance engineer of 19 years service at the WTC and Kenneth Johannemann, a part time janitor. Both were in the building when the explosions occurred and rescued injured persons. Rodrigues was the only one around with a master key to the stairwells and re-entered the building several times with firemen to rescue more people and allow the evacuation of hundreds who would otherwise have been trapped. He was the last person to exit the tower moments before it's collapse and survived only by diving under a fire truck. The testimony of these two key witnesses was never sought in the official investigation. Both men lost their workplace and consequently their jobs, then experienced difficulty in securing further employment.  On 31 August, 2008, Johannemann died of a gunshot wound to the head. This was reported as suicide.
Rodriguez being thanked for his bravery by President Bush
Johanneman being interviewed after towers hit

After these contrived attacks, the American government immediately blamed a Muslim fundamentalist terrorist organisation named Al Qaeda, led by Osama bin Laden, who supposedly made the preparations for the "attack" whilst hiding in caves in the mountains of Afghanistan.

This whole scenario is arguably the biggest confidence trick played on the American public, and indeed on the whole world, since February1933, when Hitler torched the Reichstag Parliament Building in Germany, putting the blame on communist "terrorists"! Up until Hitler's reign, the civilian population of Germany had enjoyed the democratic and personal freedoms that we have all become accustomed to in the West, but that was all about to come to an end.
Reichstag Parliament Building, Berlin, Germany - burnt down on 27 February 1933
In response to this deceptively engineered "terrorist attack" Hitler got the mandate he required to introduce the "Enabling Act", which removed civil liberties and granted him dictatorial powers. What followed was the hanging of Communist Party leaders followed by the harassment and persecution of Germany's Jewish community, culminating in the Holocaust which left more than 6 million Jews dead, systematically gassed after first being starved in concentration camps. Then followed military aggression as the German army invaded Poland and beyond, the Allied Forces response to which was the beginning of World War 2.  For much of World War 2, America was content to sit back and watch whilst profiteering from the sale (on tick) of arms to Britain, leaving Britain with a crippling national debt that took decades to repay. Only when America's privileged few saw the opportunity for financial gain by becoming actively engaged in the war, did it provoke the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbour, thus enabling public opinion at home to be rallied into backing U.S. military engagement under the pretext of Self Defence.
Attack on Pearl Harbour, 7 December, 1941

A similar deception took place not long after the assassination of President John F Kennedy. In August 1964 two U.S. war ships in the Gulf of Tonkin were reported attacked by Vietnamese communists, following which Kennedy's successor by default, Lyndon B Johnson, obtained the mandate he needed for a full scale invasion of Vietnam. But... the Tonkin incident never actually happened!
chemical warfare in Vietnam - agent orange + napalm
During this 11 year war, almost 60,000 American servicemen died, over 300,000 were wounded and 75,000 were left severely disabled. More than 3 million Vietnamese lost their lives in this war - Vietnam and its people were left decimated. So... what did this war actually achieve other than acute, prolonged human suffering and the sustained generation of huge profits by the USA's military industrial complex, with Vietnam a testing ground for the development of new weaponry?

These chapters of modern history are mentioned here because there are parallels to be drawn between them, the events of 9/11 and what followed. The USA, with the aid of Britain, now had an excuse for military aggression towards Afghanistan and Iraq,  action that President George W. Bush and Britain's Prime Minister, Tony Blair had been discussing privately for more than a year prior to 9/11.

Almost 3,000 people died in New York on the morning of 9/11. The families of the dead pleaded with the authorities not to seek revenge, yet in the weeks immediately following 9/11, the USA led bombing raids into Afghanistan which left more than 10,000 innocent Afghan civilians dead - more than 3 times the number of 9 /11 casualties - and many more maimed. This was an illegal invasion of another nation, as was the subsequent invasion of Iraq, which was pursued by the USA and Britain in March 2003 despite  massive popular protests and demonstrations in major cities all over the USA, in London, and in fact throughout the world.  Our voices - those of ordinary citizens,  no longer have any effect upon government decision making - they are tolerated but ignored!
wordwide protests, war criminals - Bush+Blair, securing Basrah's oilfields
The people of Iraq had already been made to suffer 10 years of sanctions and daily sorties (bombing raids) in the no-fly zones. Since the invasion began there have been over a million deaths.

Back to 9/ 11 - there are no startling new revelations on this page - all the information is already out there in the public domain, in newspapers, magazines, books, documentaries and lots more on the world wide web. Our purpose here is not to get bogged down in argument with the official 9/11 report, which at best contains inadequate explanations and at worst is a conspiracy to conceal the truth. The gauntlet
 has already been taken up by a great number of distinguished persons - professors, scientists, architects, engineers, historians, journalists, pilots, ex military and intelligence men, explosives and demolition experts, plus a myriad of groups simply seeking the "truth" that has been denied and concealed. Examining the wealth of evidence that contradicts the official version of events and looking back at similar historical deceptions, we hope to present a picture of the world's powerhouse as it really is, not as the mainstream media desribe it. After 9/11 the words Terror and Terrorism were were repeated ad nausium to generate paranoia and a sense of insecurity among America's civilian population. This page is an attempt to summarise the events of 9/11/2001 along with some pertinent background, following which we must explore how this event has changed our lives and may continue to impact upon our future.

Briefly, the official explanation goes like this: 
Osama Bin Laden sent 19 Al Qaeda agents on a suicide mission to hijack 4 U.S. passenger planes and fly them into buildings - the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York , the Pentagon and the White House in Washington DC. 3 planes successfully evaded all of the many layers of security protocol to reach their targets. 
Multiple government failures prevented any defence. The towers collapsed as a result of fire. The plane that hit the Pentagon vaporised on impact. The passengers of the 4th plane overcame the hijackers, then it crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

The hijackers:
Within days of 9 /11 names and pictures were released of 19 alleged hijackers. However, none of their names appeared on the 4 flight manifests. Some reported to the U.S. authorities during the weeks that followed to say that they were still alive and were elsewhere when the hijackings took place. Most, possibly all, were earlier recruited by the CIA for guerilla warfare training 
at camps in either Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia. Some had already seen active duty in Bosnia during the 90's. Al Qaeda was originally the database of the names of these recruits. By the mid 90's it had become known as a sinister terrorist organization headed by Osama bin Laden.
alleged hijackers - at least 7 are still alive
Osama bin Laden:
The bin Laden family are incredibly wealthy Saudis. In Saudi Arabia their wealth is second only to the Royal Family. Their relationship with the Bush family dates back to pre world war 2. They have billions of dollars invested in the U.S.A. and  ex Attorney General James Ashcroft is one of their financial advisers. Another is Jim Bath, former director of discredited bank BCCI, who has financial stakes in the aircraft business and George W's Arbusto Oil Company. All of the bin Ladens who reside in the U.S. were issued diplomatic passports in 1996.  The 'red herring' in all of this is the deliberate deception that Osama was the 'black sheep' of the family. He was the creation of the CIA, trained by the U.S. at guerilla warfare training camps and deployed in Afghanistan at the time the U.S. wished to end Soviet occupation there. After 9/11, a video reportedly found in an Afghan cave shows Osama and someone else talking in Arabic. The mass media played this repeatedly, telling us that the conversation was them plotting 9/11. Translation shows that they were merely reacting to the news of 9/11 after the event.    Read more
Osama bin Laden
Osama double in video release

Bush senior met brother Shafig bin Laden in Washington on the morning of 9/11

young Osama in family photo

half brothers Abdulla and Yeslam bin Laden both shared Swiss bank accounts with Osama

After 9/11 Osama publicly denied responsibility for the attacks, saying: "After the recent attacks, which the U.S. has witnessed, the U.S. government ventured to point fingers at me, accuse me of involvement. The U.S. government has consistently blamed me for being behind every occasion its enemies attack it. I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks which seem to have been planned by people for personal reasons. As for me, I have been living in the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan and following its leader's rules. The current leader does not allow me to exercise such operations."

Osama denies responsibility
There are 3 DEAD GIVE-AWAYS regarding the implausibility of the official explanation... 

1. Many ADVANCE WARNINGS were received and ignored, both from official external sources and from within the U.S.A. The Israeli Government sent warnings to President Bush and so did Russia's President Putin. Sources inside the country who tried to alert the authorities were not only ignored, but often ridiculed or threatened.

2. INSIDER TRADING - in the trading days leading up to 9/11the level of put options (Stock Market bets on the value of a stock falling in value) purchased for shares in United Airlines and American Airlines (the two airlines purportedly used in the 9/11 attacks) soared to between 60 and 285 times normal levels, according to an alarmed CBS news report on 10th September 2001. Trading of shares in other airline stocks remained at normal levels.

3. Subsequent PROMOTIONS of the very personnel responsible for the inferred incompetence that led to total multiple failures to respond to the highest level of threat to U.S. security experienced since the height of the Cold War in the early 1960's, following the first reported hijacking and for the next several hours.

When senior personnel fail in their duties, leading to serious consequences, they are usually sacked, fined, disciplined or reprimanded in other ways. For them to be promoted can only be viewed as the administration's way of thanking them for successfully carrying out their orders.
 Some of those Promoted:-

General Ralph Eberhart
 - head of NORAD

Richard Myers
 - in charge at The Pentagon

Brigadier General Montague Winfield
 - in charge of National Military Command Centre

Captain Charles Leidig
 - acting Director of 
National Military Command Centre

Ben Sliney
 - in charge of The Federal Aviation Authority.

Pasqual D'Amuro
 - FBI's head of New York counter-terrorism.

Steven Abbot
 - coordinator of Dick Cheney’s task force on problems of national preparedness

 Bowman - head of the FBI’s National Security Law Unit (blocked FBI investigations into the alleged hijackers before 9/11).

The official investigation failed to explain or even to ask why the top officials in the U.S. military chain of command were missing in action during the attacks.

PROMOTED - General Ralph Eberhart - in charge of NORAD on 9/11

PROMOTED - Richard B Myers - in charge at The Pentagon on 9/11
PROMOTED - Brigadier General Montague Winfield - in charge of National Military Command Centre on 9/11
PROMOTED - Captain Charles Leidig - acting Director of National Military Command Centre on 9/11
PROMOTED - Ben Sliney - in charge of The Federal Aviation Authority on 9/11
PROMOTED - Pasqual D'Amuro - FBI's head of New York counter-terrorism on 9/11
PROMOTED - Steven Abbot - coordinator of Dick Cheney’s task force on problems of national preparedness.
PROMOTED - Marion (Spike) Bowman - head of the FBI’s National Security Law Unit on 9/11
President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice appeared on television expressing "astonishment" at the very idea of planes being used as weapons to fly into buildings.President G W Bush + Condoleezza Rice
Both President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney refused to give testimony under oath, instead doing so "off the record" and behind closed doors.

President Bush + Vice President Cheney
The term "Ground Zero" has been around since long before the events of 9/11. It's precise dictionary meaning is the point on the ground immediately above or below where a nuclear explosion has  occurred.  Dimitri Khalezov informs us that he is an ex government official of the old Soviet Union who was employed in this capacity during the period leading up to the building of New York's World Trade Centre complex. Under the nuclear proliferation treaty that existed, information regarding nuclear usage for domestic purposes was shared between the USA and the Soviet Union. In 2010 he gave a television interview in review of his book 'The Third Truth' stating that before permission was granted to build the World Trade Centre in such a densely populated area, a demolition plan had to be in place. The demolition plan approved encompassed underground nuclear explosive devices, one for each building. Similar devices are reportedly also in place beneath the UN headquarters building in New York and the Sears Tower building in Chicago, which incidentally was also evacuated on the morning of 9/11.
Indeed, the vast quantity of fine dust generated, along with the hot spots below the ground of all three collapsed buildings, where  pools of molten steel remained for many weeks after, lends credence to this hypothesis.

He also suggests that a 
nuclear-tipped "Granit" missile with 500 kiloton  warhead was used in the Pentagon attack.

Full interview with Dimitri Kalezov on YouTube
Dimitri Khalezov - author of The Third Truth
Television interview in late 2010
excavation image - what happened below ground

desert underground nuclear test + WTC tower collapsing - notice any similarities?
Nuclear blasts pulverise everything into fine dust

70's pop icon Donna Summer was in New York on 11th September 2001 and could not avoid inhaling the toxic dust. She claimed this was responsible for the lung cancer that soon compromised her health and which eventually claimed her life on May 17th, 2012, age 63.
Donna Summer inhaled dust on 9/11

Traces of thermite and barium found in analysis of dust samples collected and reports of multiple explosions by both bystanders and news reporters immediately before the collapse suggest that multiple high explosive charges were attached to the steel cores to aid the demolition process. All accessible remains of the steel structure were reportedly removed by truck and shipped overseas for recycling, allowing no opportunity for forensic examination.

blasts as towers crumble

More startling evidence surfaced in 2011 with the publication of an extensively researched and illustrated book entitled "Where Did The Towers Go", authored by a highly qualified engineer, Dr Judy Wood. Strange phenomena such as motor vehicles in the vicinity (some beyond the area of fallen debris) self igniting, "toasted" cars and vehicles (insulated by their rubber tyres from the ground) with all metal parts - engines, door handles etc. - simply gone - vaporised! Just the illustration on the cover alone reveals that instead of the floors falling pancake fashion, much of their content was left simply suspended in the air as nothing more than talcum powder like dust. The book suggests that a wireless energy technology, reminiscent of that discovered by Nikola Tesla over a hundred years ago (but bypassed in favour of Edison's hard wired electricity which could be metered and sold) was used as a weapon to destroy the steel structures (half a million tons in each building) transforming them into dust. Had all that volume hit the ground it would have caused a jolt measuring far more than the negligible 2.something Richter scale readings reported on the day. Another strange phenomena that day was hurricane Erin on a NW course heading directly at New York, which stopped dead in its track just off the coast, hovered stationary for half a day, then headed directly east away from New York. Could HAARP have played a roll here?

Engineer Dr Judy Wood, BS, MS, PhD - author of "WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO"
WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO - 2011 book by Engineer Dr Judy Wood, BS, MS, PhD
vehicles in the vicinity self igniting but trees and paper undamaged
video footage of remaining steel from Tower 1 vapourising as Tower 2 collapses
Category 3 Hurricane Erin on 11 Sep 2001

December 2012 update:
For several years leading up to the events of 9/11, Susan Lindauer was a CIA "Asset" engaged in the capacity of secret messenger between the American Government and several Middle East countries, primarily Iraq and Lybia. After 9/11 she was silenced (indicted) for 5 years and was one of the first to be  jailed for over a year without charge under the 'Patriot Act'. Determined to tell her story she later wrote a book - Extreme Prejudice, first published on 15 Oct 2010 - in which she reveals that the government had foreknowledge of:
1. planes to be flown into the WTC towers
2. detonation of a thermo nuclear device in New York.
Among her many revelations:
The 19 named hijackers were all CIA "assets".
Thermite explosives that melt steel were brought into the WTC by unmarked vehicles between 3.00am and 5.00am for approx. 10 consecutive nights prior to the attacks.
Invasion of Iraq was the primary goal and desperate attempts were being made in the months before the attack to find anything that could possibly implicate Iraq to it.
Flight 93 was shot down in Pennsylvania by two missiles fired from a US military jet - the pilot was decorated a year later but is now in jail.

startling revelations by CIA Asset Susan Lindauer now on YouTube
Susan Lindauer
Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq Oct 2010
Extreme Prejudice:
The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq

October 2012, Susan Lindauer gives talk followed by Question & Answer session - view on YouTube

One of the most shameful developments following the events of 9/11 was the establishment by the US of detention camps outside the USA, where suspected terrorists were held indefinitely without charge, trial or legal representation and where captives were subject to torture - in total violation of the Geneva Convention to which the USA is a signatory. In his 2008 election campaign, President Obama pledged to close Guantanamo Bay detention camp - why did it survive his entire 8 year term in office and still remain functional 3 years into the Trump presidency? Abu Graib is on the outskirts of Baghdad, used previously by Saddam Hussein to torture and execute.  Camp Bucca detention camp in south east Iraq remained functional till 17th September 2009. There were others in the Balkans of which less detail is known.
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Guantanamo Bay
housed a US Naval Base from 1889, leased from Cuba in 1903 and reaffirmed in 1934 by a treaty which could be dissolved only by US abandonment or by mutual agreement.
The remaining buildings of the World Trade Centre complex were extensively damaged along with the disintegrated towers and soon demolished. Rebuilding of a newly designed complex is in various stages of completion.
7wtc (52 storeys) commenced May 2002 and opened on 27 May 2006.
Landscaped area with museum and memorials at original tower locations was opened on the 10th anniversary - 11 September 2011.
1wtc, Freedom Tower (104 storeys) commenced April 2006, completed in 2013.
2wtc, 200 Greenwich St. (88 storeys) commenced June 2010 and is up to ground level. Tower postponed till demand established.
3wtc, 175 Greenwich St. (80 storeys) commenced March 2008 and paused at 7 storeys above ground in 2012. Tower postponed till demand established.
, 150 Greenwich St. (72 storeys) commenced January 2008, completed in 2013.
5wtc, 130 Liberty St. (42 storeys) is still in preliminary stage.
projected completion skyline
projected wtc skyline once construction complete

World Trade Centre prior to 9/11
wtc pre 9/11
World Trade Centre new layout
wtc new
original tower locations are now site of Memorials and Museum
Memorial Park

September 2020 update

As we entered the 3rd decade of the 21st century, global warming - the result of man-made climate change, was becoming all too apparent with wildfires raging across California, Australia, the Amazon basin and elswhere, whilst storms and severe flooding also displaced many around the globe.

Last December, much of the western world looked on with disinterest, unprepared, as China went into lockdown in the face of Covid 19, a new coronavirus pandemic. The ease of air travel ensured that within weeks it had reached all corners of the globe. The consequences have been tragic. There has been much speculation as to whether the virus occurred naturally or was man made. An Australian virologist, having examined the virus, expressed the view that it was so uniquely tailored to affect humans as opposed to animals, that the chances of it having occurred naturally are remote. A plausible hypothosis of its origin that I came across is described briefly below:
In 2012 six Chinese miners were sent into the derelict, bat infested Mojiang Mine in Yunnan Province. They all fell ill with symptoms similar to those of Covid19. Three died. The bats which infected them carried a virus 96% similar to Covid 19. Virus samples from the six miners were sent to the Wuhan Laboratory. Either the mutation of the virus had already occurred through being present in a new host (the miners) or its development was speeded up in the lab before being released late last year, most probably by accident, though we cannot be certain of this. Several western nations fund and have an interest in the Wuhan lab, from which there have been numerous instances of viruses accidentally escaping in recent years.

The cracks appearing in our already fragile economies have been exacerbated as supply chains were disrupted and cities, states and countries went into lockdown. Whether intentional or not, this prolonged drama has had the effect of psychologically conditioning us for obedience under authoritarian rule. As restrictions are relaxed, new spikes are occurring. The most likely places for contracting the disease are public gatherings, public transport, cruiseships, airports and air travel, where air conditioning systems recycle the air. The severely hit travel and tourist industries will no doubt take a long time to recover.

One of the first corona virus songs to surface on YouTube originated in Dominica - Plandemic.
The Commonwealth of Dominica ranks 3rd in the world at containing the pandemic. At the beginning of September 2020, we had recorded only 21 cases, 3 of which were active (recent arrivals who were in strict quarantine) and no deaths.

In the summer of 2021protocols for arriving travelers were relaxed and cruise ships allowed to return, just as the delta variant had begun infecting the vaccinated, though typically displaying no symptoms. After keeping covid at bay for a year and a half we are now struggling to contain a surge in cases, hampered by a social media anti vax campaign. As of early September 2021, we have had our first 5 deaths from covid 19, all during the past month.   

2012 USA Presidential election
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jet fuel explodes as 2nd plane strikes WTC
As seen from New Jersey - why such an immense volume of dust?
Some background history

27 February 1933: The German Riechstad Parliament Building was burnt down by Hitler, who then blamed communist terrorists and as a result obtained the mandate he required to pass the "Enabling Act" which effectively overrode civil rights and liberties.

16 June 1933:
 Enacted - the U.S. 
Banking Act of 1933, otherwise known as the Glass–Steagall Act. It imposed banking reforms to protect customers from speculative banking practices.

July 1934:
 High ranking U.S. military man, Smedly Butler, was approached by a group of wealthy US businessmen to orchestrate a coup. The group included U.S.Steel, Standard Oil, Goodyear, Heinz, General Motors, Chase National Bank and Prescott Bush, grandfather to George W Bush. Butler went along with the plot until exposing it in November 1934. President Roosevelt then made a behind closed doors deal with the group and no more was reported.

7 December 1941
: Having provoked the Japanese with an oil embargo, U.S. military intelligence had foreknowledge of the imminent attack on Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, where it had a military base, but failed to alert it's ground forces there. They were unprepared when Japan struck. 2,402 Americans were killed and 1,282 wounded. The U.S.A. was then able to generate the mandate it required to enter World War II.

18 June 1948
: NSC directive 10/2 sanctioned "plausible deniability", interpreted by the CIA as approval to assassinate foreign leaders, overthrow governments and LIE to cover up accountability.

19 August 1953: 
The democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammed Mosaddeq, was overthrown in a coup organized by America's CIA and Britain's MI6 in retribution for nationalising the country's British owned oil industry in 1951. He was then tried and found guilty of Treason. Iran has the world's 3rd largest oil reserves. The country became ruled as a police state under the Shah until he was overthrown in an Islamic Revolution in 1978/79, during which he fled into exile. An Ayatollah became Supreme Ruler and Iran was transformed from an Absolute Monarchy to an Islamic Republic with a theocratic constitution. In the new millennium demonstrations paved the way for elections in which the Mulla's rule was replaced in 2005 by conservative President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, after winning 62 percent of the vote. He was replaced in elections held in June 2013 by moderate cleric, Hassan Rouhani.

22 November 1963: 
John F Kennedy, arguably the most popular President in the history of the U.S.A, a strong proponent of equality and civil rights and a seeker of peace, was gunned down in Dallas, Texas, shortly after declaring that U.S. troops would be withdrawn from Vietnam. At the upcoming election for a 2nd term in office, Kennedy had decided to drop Vice President Lindon B. Johnson, who was being investigated for his part in 4 criminal scandals.
dvd - The 1973 film about the JFK assassination that was banned before ever being released
watch on watch Executive Action on YouTube
2011 dvd. This 10 hour documentary examins gov't complicity in the assassination plots to kill John F Kennedy, his brother Robert and Martin Luther King - order from Amazon
watch on watch Evidence of Revision on YouTube
book - James Douglas uncovers clue by clue until crime is solved - order from Amazon2011 book by Lawyer and insider Barr McClellan - order from Amazon

 2 August 1964: President Lindon B. Johnson falsely reports that 2 US military vessels have been attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin by Vietnamese communists. He responds by sending U.S. troops into an all-out invasion of Vietnam.

4 April 1968: 
Martin Luther King Jr., a clergyman and Nobel Prize recipient for his efforts to end racial discrimination, was assassinated in Memphis Tennessee. 31 years later, after dogged pursuit by the King family, a wrongful death lawsuit trial took place in Memphis that lasted 6 weeks. It delivered the verdict that "King was assassinated in a conspiracy that included agencies of the U.S. government".

6 June 1968: 
Robert Kennedy, brother of and Attorney General to John F Kennedy, was assassinated in Los Angeles after winning the California Democratic Primary. Evidence surfaced subsequently to support the claim that the assassin was acting under hypnosis whilst under the control of a department of the CIA which specialised in such techniques.
 dvd - RFK Must Die is an in depth look at the circumstances surrounding the assassination of Robert Kennedy
a thriller drama which begins with circumstaces similar to the assassination of Robert Kennedy, follows the story of an investigative journalist

11 September 1973:
 The democratically elected president of Chile, Salvadore Allende, is overthrown and dies in a military coup engineered by the CIA under President Nixon and his Secretary of State Henry Kissenger. He was replaced by dictator Augustus Pinochet, who's regime for the next 17 years repressed its own people, privatised education and facilitated the U.S. corporate exploitation of its resources.

8 December 1980: British musician and ex Beatle John Lennon, an outspoken critic of U.S. military involvement in Vietnam and proponent of peace in the world, was gunned down on the steps of his New York home by someone described as a deranged fan. The 1989 book "Who Killed John Lennon" by Fenton Bresler asserts that Mark David Chapman was a mind-controlled assassin programmed by the CIA to kill John Lennon.
In the well researched
 1991 book "The search for the Manchurian Candidate" John D Marks gives an in depth analysis of the techniques of 'mind control' developed and deployed by the CIA.
book - Who Killed John Lennon by Fenton Bresler, 1989
book - The Search For The Manchurian Candidate by John Marks, 1991

20 December 1989: The U.S.A., under President George Bush senior, invaded Panama, a Central American country with no army but which is guardian of an important shipping route connecting the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Tenders had been received for upgrading the Panama Canal and a Japanese company had won and was about to be awarded the contract. The official justification for the invasion was that President Noriega was peddling drugs to the U.S.A. He was captured and tried in Miami where he has served his sentence but remains in jail. U.S. construction companies profited from the work of upgrading the canal and an American military presence remains.

2 August 1990: Iraq under Saddam Hussein invaded and annexed the small neighbouring oil producing nation Kuwait. Following worldwide condemnation of the occupation, Iraq was given an ultimatum by the USA under President George HW Bush - withdraw by 15 January or face attack.
17 January 1991: Aerial bombardment commences as America, aided by Saudi Arabia, Britain and Egypt launched Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm to retake Kuwait and punish Iraq. The fleeing Iraqis set fire to more than 600 oil wells in a scorched earth policy.
Kuwaiti oil fields set ablaze by Iraqis as they retreat
The forces quickly advanced into Iraq. The moral of the Iraqi military was shattered and the regime of Saddam Hussein could easily have been overthrown. With troops just hours away from Baghdad President Bush called an end to the occupation. As Saddam reasserted his authority in the months that followed, all the remaining anti-Saddam Iraqis who had helped the Americans were systematically hunted down and killed.

26 February 1993: 
A 606kg urea nitrate-hydrogen bomb was brought by truck into the basement car park of the World Trade Centre North Tower and detonated, causing a massive explosion that killed 5 people. Egyptian Emad Salim Salim had been recruited by the FBI  to infiltrate the terrorist cell planning this attack, supposedly to provide them with fake explosives in a 'sting' operation. He became suspicious of the FBI intent and began secretly recording the meetings he had with them. When the time came the FBI provided him with real explosives to give the terrorists.

19 April 1995: The Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was destroyed by bomb blasts killing 168 people and injuring 680. A Ryder truck filled with explosives, allegedly driven by Timothy McVei, was parked in front of the building before being detonated. Strangely, a Ryder truck appears in an aerial photo taken a few days earlier in an Army compound just outside Oklahoma City. Timothy McVei could not have been acting alone as other explosive devices were also found within the building.
As a direct result of this incident 
the U.S. government passed the 'Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996'.

12 November 1999: Glass–Steagall Act repealed, removing the barrier between regular banking and speculative investment banking, ushering in an age of financial risk taking. Subsequent financial scandals and bank failures have eroded public confidence in today's banking system. 

1996 to 2000 
saw a new security system installed at the World Trade Centre by the firm Securacom, headed from 1993 to 2000 by Marvin Bush, younger brother of George W.

7 November 2000 USA Presidential Election fraud. Tens of thousands of mostly coloured democratic voters in Florida were denied the right to vote in the state where George W's brother Jeb was Governor. Democrats still narrowly won but the recount was stopped and a partisan Supreme Court ruled in favour of Bush, awarding him the 25 electoral seats for Florida which swung the overall election result in favour of Bush and the Republican Party..
Official results:
Candidate   Al GoreGeorge W BushRalph Nader
Party Democrat   Republican    Green
Electoral Vote      266         271         0
Popular Vote50,999,897   50,456,002  2,882,855
    48.4%       47.9%      2.7%
2000 election fraud in Florida

24 July 2001 Larry Silverstein, a Jewish American businessman from New York, obtained a 99 year lease on the loss making world trade centre complex, costing $3.2bn. He received an insurance payout of $4.55bn in 2007. On the morning of 9/11 he and his daughter broke their daily routine by not breakfasting at the Windows on the World Restaurant on the 107th floor of the WTC North Tower. 

3 September 2001 ZIM, an Israeli company, 49% owned by the Israeli Government, occupying 10,000 square feet of office space in the WTC North Tower, vacated its offices and prematurely broke it's lease, at a cost of $50,000.

6-10 September 2001 
Insider Trading - according to a CBS News report on the afternoon of 10th September, throughout those few trading days the sale of put options (stock market bets on a stock price falling) was 90 times higher than normal on shares of United Airlines. During the afternoon of 10 September, this figure had increased to 285 times normal volume and was 60 times above normal for put options on shares of American Airlines. The number of put options sold for other airline companies remained at normal levels.

8+9 September 2001 (weekend) were 2 days of "power down" at the WTC towers. Whilst a team laid miles of new cable inside the buildings, all entrances remained open and cctv surveillance was off.  Wirt D Walker III, cousin of George W was head of Securacom, the security company responsible for the security of these two buildings from 2000 to 2003.

11 September 2001 
was day two of operation "Vigilant Guardian", a U.S. military exercise conducted by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command) which envisioned passenger aircraft being hijacked by terrorists and used as weapons to fly into buildings. This was just one of six such war games in progress that day. The others were Vigilant Warrior, Northern Vigilance, Northern Guardian, Global Guardian and a CIA/NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) 'plane into building' simulation at NRO headquarters, Virginia (4 miles from Dulles International Airport, where flight 77 originated). All these exercises, overseen by Vice President and Defence Preparedness Chief  Dick Cheney that morning, ensured that war planes normally stationed at locations near to New York and Washington DC were nearly all either over Alaska, Canada or 120 miles out to sea over the Atlantic Ocean, thus conveniently incapable of responding to the real events of the day. NRO staff, having been evacuated, were unavailable to utilise the satellite tracking information normally available to them.

9/11/2001 on the day - as it happened
7.59am. AA flight 11 takes off from Boston. At 8.14am contact is lost. 8.40am NORAD informed of hijacking. 8.46am plane crashes into WTC (World Trade Centre) North Tower
8.09am. AA flight 77 takes off from Dulles. 8.51am contact lost. 9.37am explosion at Pentagon - media reports are that  it was flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon that caused the explosion
8.14am. UAL flight 175 takes of from Boston. 8.42am  contact lost. 9.03am plane crashes into WTC South Tower.
8.30am. Control of NMCC (Pentagon's National Military Control Centre) transferred to Captain Charles Leidig.
8.42am. UAL flight 93 takes off from Dulles. 9.28am.  contact lost. 10.03am plane reported to have crashed on waste ground in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
8.55am. President George W Bush is informed of the first crash whilst listening to children read at a primary school but instructed by press secretary Ari Fleischer "Don't say anything yet".
9.59am. WTC South Tower collapses in its entirety following live media reports of several explosions.
10.28am. WTC North Tower collapses in its entirety
4.54pm.(21.54GMT) BBC's Jane Standley reports from New York that WTC Building 7 has also collapsed, but it can be clearly seen still standing through the window behind her.
BBC announces collapse of WTC Building 7, whilst it can be seen standing
5.25pm. WTC Building 7 collapses in classic controlled demolition fashion. Later that day Larry Silverstein in a television interview stated that, whilst speaking to firemen about the condition of building 7, "we made the decision to pull it. We then watched as the building collapsed".
WTC Building 7 begins to collapse
In above frames from  of WTC Building 7 starting to collapse, note the vertical line of explosions appearing from inside the building and the plume of white smoke emanating from the roof.

7 October 2001 The U.S.A., with the support of Britain, launches bombing raids into Afghanistan using not only conventional bombs but cluster bombs and depleted uranium shells, which leave more than 10,000 innocent Afghan civilians dead and many more maimed.
Following 9/11 the Bush administration had demanded that Afghanistan's Taliban government  hand over Osama bin Laden or face attack. The Taliban responded "Our position is that if America has evidence and proof, they should produce it. We are ready for the trial of Osama bin Laden in the light of the evidence". 

26 October 2001 The USA Patriot Act (Uniting  + Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept + Obstruct Terrorism) was signed into law by President George W Bush. Closely resembling Hitler's "Enabling Act", it condones torture, bugging, wire tapping, computer hacking, detention without trial etc., effectively trashing the USA Constitution and the people's Bill of Rights.
Bush Signs Patriot Act

11 April 2002 A right wing coup took place in oil rich Venezuela, supported by the CIA. Popular President Hugo Chavez had refused to let the U.S. oil corporations continue to cream off the majority of the revenue from the extraction of Venezuela's oil, instead spending it on improved housing, health care and education for the poor, who were affronted by the coup attempt and rose up to rescue and restore their President.
Hugo Chavez of Venezuela addresses his nation
He remained the country's leader and despite concerns about his health, on 7th October 2012 he won a further 6 year term in office in an election widely observed and reported as free and fair.
7th Oct 2012 Venezuela election - Hugo Chavez wins over half the votes and 20 out of 24 seats in parliament
Sadly, after a 2 year battle with cancer, he passed away on 5th March 2013. His funeral was attended by millions and by world leaders from all corners of the globe. He has been succeeded by Nicolas Madura following elections held in April 2013.

19 March 2003 The U.S.A. invaded Iraq, with support from Britain and small token forces from Australia and Poland.
The stated aim, announced by the U.S.A.'s President Bush and Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair was to "disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction (WMD's), to end Saddam Hussein's support for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people". We subsequently learned that Saddam Hussein did not, in fact, have any WMD's and that after 10 years of sanctions and daily sorties (bombing raids) in the north and south "no-fly zones", Iraq posed no military threat to any nation. Whilst British forces secured Basra's oil fields, the USA's capture of the capital Baghdad was shambolic, with numerous incidents of "Friendly Fire", bombing of marketplaces, hospitals and a hotel full of journalists, followed by a mass looting spree they were unable to contain. Conditions prevailing in Iraq today are worse than they were under Saddam.

7 July 2003 
Whilst British forces carry out an exercise that pre supposes terrorist bombs are planted in London's underground tube stations, that very scenario unfolds for real - coincidence???. Whistle-blower Tony Farrel, a senior police officer and intelligence research analyst, later revealed that it was an inside job. He was fired as a consequence.

2 November 2004 Another USA Presidential Election fraud! After the illegal and hugely unpopular invasion of Iraq, the American people were ready to expel George W Bush from office. Half of the 6 million American voters living abroad did not receive their ballots or received them too late to vote. The tactics used to disenfranchise democratic voters in Florida in 2000 were expanded upon nationally, most notably in Ohio, where the man in charge of the vote count, Ohio's secretary of state Kenneth Blackwell, was the co chair of President Bush's re-election committee. Over 350,000 were denied the right to vote in Ohio, resulting in Bush  gaining 20 electoral seats in that state, which once again swung the result in his favour. There were inexplicable discrepancies between expertly conducted exit polls and actual vote counts in no less than 30 States, deviating to an extent that cannot be accounted for by their margin of error
Official results:
CandidateJohn Kerry
George W Bush
Party Democrat    Republican
Electoral Vote     251         286
Popular Vote59,028,444   62,040,610
    48.3%      50.7%
2004 USA Presidential Election map

Late 2008 saw financial giants Freddy Mac, Fannie Mae and Lehman Brothers in difficulty after escalating sales of toxic sub prime mortgages and a period of propping up their share prices with false accounting.
3 financial giants fail
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and NY Federal Reserve Bank President Tim Geithner could have taken measures to help these institutions survive whilst having the culprits punished but instead forced bankruptcy upon them causing a massive financial crisis, the consequences of which would be felt around the world and inherited by the next administration, just a few weeks away. 12 years later, no-one has been held accountable.

4 November 2008 Democrat Barack Obama elected the USA's 44th President. Turnout was high - 15.5% more votes were counted than in the previous election. Even the widespread vote rigging apparatus was not sufficient on this occasion to suppress popular opinion in the USA, though it did help to disguise the massive gulf in popularity between the two parties. A pre election straw poll conducted online worldwide by the weekly Economist newspaper had Obama overwhelmingly ahead with more than 90% of the popular vote but the official figures released brought this down to a mere 52.9%.
Official results:
CandidateBarack Obama  John McCain
Party    Democrat    Republican
Electoral Vote        365         173
Popular Vote   69,456,897    59,934,814
      52.9%       45.7%
During the final hours of his presidency, George W Bush granted no less than 140 presidential pardons - a flagrant abuse of Presidential powers.
We, the 
citizens of the world, already appreciated from the two books he had written, that Barack Obama was a worldly intellectual with a well balanced sense of values who knew how the system works and was better equipped than most to transform it. Expectations were high, especially among foreign leaders who had come to mistrust George W Bush.
Yes we can
Almost immediately, however, we could see that something was wrong when he came to announce the appointments in his new administration, which included Republican stalwarts for key financial positions - Tim Geitnher took over as U.S. Treasury Secretary from Henry Paulson, Larry Summers became the Director of  the White House National Economic Council and Ben Bernanke continued as Chairman  of the U.S. Federal Reserve.
financial 4 - Summers, Geithner, Bernanke, Paulson
These were the very architects and beneficiaries of the financial crisis which had just crippled not only the US economy, but had serious repercussions in financial markets all around the world. The resulting "bailout" was the "heist of the century" - the transfer of a staggering 7 trillion taxpayer dollars to the failing banks - anyone with a head for arithmetic will see that with a US population of approx. 350 million, this works out to US$20,000 per head of population! This, of course, enabled the "banksters" to continue awarding themselves multimillion dollar bonuses in reward for their misdeeds. The root causes of this crisis have not been adequately dealt with to this day, neither have there been any prosecutions and so we may expect more of the same.

28 June 2012 Britain's SFO (Serious Fraud Office) reveals another "bankster" scandal. Major western banks have colluded to misrepresent LIBOR (the London inter-bank offered rate) and EURIBOR (Euro interbank offered rate), fraudulently profiting from massive derivative trades, betraying a culture of casual dishonesty which sets the stage for some serious litigation. Barclays received a £290m fine from the FSA (Financial Securities Authority), being the first bank to volunteer cooperation. CEO Bob Diamond first resisted calls for his resignation then succumbed, demanding a £22m payoff. At least 12 other banks worldwide, including HSBC, RBS, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Lloyds Banking Group, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial, Deutsche Bank, Credit Agricole, Societe General and Credit Suisse, are being investigated and are likely to have heftier fines imposed. This could well set the stage for the next GLOBAL financial meltdown, likely to coincde with the start of Obama's 2nd term in office.

19 August 2012 Australian journalist, founder of WikiLeaks and forefront in the battle for journalistic freedom, spoke to supporters gathered outside Ecuador's London Embassy following Ecuador's offer of political asylum and Britain's refusal to allow his safe passage. He has committed no crime in the UK.
click on image to watch Julian's address on BBC website
Since 2010 he has been fighting an extradition order following a sexual entrapment sting orchestrated in Sweden, with fears that this will lead to his extradition to the USA. Since this address Sweden announced that the allegations of rape are without grounds and have been dropped, yet strangely, the extradition order remains.
2019 update
- following a change of leadership in Ecuador, Julian's asylum rights have been violated. He was dragged from the Ecuadorian Embassy by British police and has since been languishing in Bellmarsh prison, for the most flimsy of charges - flouting bail conditions, even though the individual who put up and lost his bail continues to support Julian. His only crime has been to inform the public of the misdeeds of our governments, carried out in secret. For that the USA seek his extradition. On the 3rd Septeber 2019 a crowd of several thousand gathered in London to protest his continued imprisonment.
watch this 8 minute address
They were addressed by John Pilger, one of a dying breed of investigative journalists, and Roger Waters of Pink Flloyd.

September 2, 2012 At last a prominent public figure, former Archbishop of Cape Town and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, the Rev. Desmond Tutu of South Africa, has publicly called for Bush and Blair to be tried for war crimes at the International Criminal Court at The Hague. Hopefully, his voice will be the first of many. 
Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Rev. Desmond Tutu speaks out

September 11, 2012 On the 11th anniversary, federal officials announced that first responders and other survivors exposed to toxic compounds at Ground Zero may now be entitled to free cancer treatment for the first time. The U.S. government has added over 50 types of cancer to its list of illnesses covered under the Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, signed by President Obama in 2011. More than 1,000 deaths have been attributed to illnesses stemming from the 9/11 toxic dust generated at Ground Zero.

9th reported death at Guantanamo Bay detention centre.

September 27, 2012 Julian Assange addresses the
Julian Assange addresses the United Nations General Assembly via satellite video link
United Nations General Assembly via satellite video link

6 November 2012 USA's 44th President, Democrat Barack Obama is re-elected, despite 81% of over $1bn of corporate election funding going to the Republicans. The world watched as a nationwide campaign by the GOP of voter suppression, deception and confusion aimed to disenfranchise poor, mainly coloured Democratic voters. Though partially successful, voters were determined and many queued for several hours to cast their ballot.
Electoral cheating - electronic voting cards mis-set to favour RomneyRocky Anderson of Justice Party and Jill Stein of Green Party excluded by mass media - click on image for Democracy Now! interview
Disappointing though, was the avoidance during the campaign discussions of any attempt to address the issues of continued US military aggression in the Middle East, of man made climate change - a topic forbidden by the corporate campaign donors, and the deliberate side-lining by the mass media of the other minority parties like the Green and Justice Parties, who's leaders were far more in touch with voter sentiment than either Romney or Obama. 
Official results:
CandidateBarack Obama  Mitt Romney
Party    Democrat    Republican
Electoral Vote        332         206
Popular Vote   61,680,412    58,487,232
      50.6%       47.9%
2012 USA election map

Summer 2013 "Maul the Messenger" Alarming revelations about the extent to which surveillance on a global scale by the NSA (National Security Agency) revealed. After the persecution of army whistleblower Bradley Manning for revealing US war crimes in Iraq, whistleblower Edward Snowden sought sanctuary outside the USA before making his findings known. Even so the USA has pressured many foreign governments in a effort to extradite and silence him. In September further revelations of the NSA's illegally obtained "back door" access into encrypted internet security systems used by banks and commerce and eavesdropping on world leaders has strained relations with many governments around the globe. September 2019 update - Edward Snowden gives an interview to France24 on 9th September 2019
watch this 18 minute interiew

September 2020 against a backdrop of anti-racism protest marches sweeping the nation and failing, chaotic, uncoordinated attempts to contain the Covid19 pandemic, the Unfortunate State of America prepares for yet another sham presidential election in which those not purged from the voters roll are limited to a choice of just two ancient sexist right wing corporate funded white male candidates fast approaching senility. Its all just a show!
old establishment v old establishment
Distraction is the name of the game as the bloated military industrial complex continues to manufacture the excuses required to sustain forever wars. Endless money printing by the Federal Reserve and other central banks, however, is soon likely to undermine the value of our fiat money and the hegemonic financial dominance of the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency.

How have we been affected?
The events of 9/11were the pretext upon which the USA, with the aid of Britain, illegally invaded a sovereign country, Afghanistan, important as a source of drug revenue and as a route for a gas pipeline from the Caspian basin to the Indian Ocean. It then went on to illegally invade Iraq for control of it's oil reserves. The "Patriot Act", which in many ways resembles Hitler's "Enabling Act" was introduced in the USA which, along with other tightening of the Homeland Security regulations, has severely compromised civil liberty and personal freedom. When travelling within or to and from the USA we are humiliatingly fingerprinted, mug shot, retina scanned, X-rayed or body searched. Surveillance by cctv, bugging, telephone eavesdropping and email hacking etc. has become routine and there is a mass of new regulation preventing or severely restricting the ability of the public to hold peaceful demonstrations in public places. The same pattern has followed, though more subtly, in Britain and elsewhere.The corporate domination of politics, on both sides of the Atlantic, has accelerated and is now a virtual "Fate Accompli".  In Britain Town Planning Authorities have been effectively shackled, no longer able to support issues of public concern, only those of the business community. Committees set up to moderate and mediate between the interests of big business and the general public have been either trampled or are now dominated by big business personnel (see Guardian editorial 12 March 2012). By 2008 America's reputation was in tatters after 8 years of misrule by the Bush Administration, and a respectable alternative was necessary - Obama was the perfect choice but... the power of the president is no longer what it is perceived to be. I speculate here that a coup-de-tat of sorts by a powerful rich elite of well known family dynasties had already taken place gradually in the background and gone almost unnoticed, likely comprising rogue elements from the highest echelons of the CIA, FBI, NSA, the Military, and, of course, Wall Street. Whilst Obama was granted license to tinker away at domestic issues to restore confidence and respectability, he knew that if he rocked the boat concerning corporate deregulation, foreign policy or covert operations, he was likely to suffer the same fate as JFK. Those in Canada, Europe or Scandinavia may feel they have escaped the process. Not so - the machinery of corporate dominance is tireless in it's quest for growth. That is is why so many Mediterranean and former Eastern Block countries were so quickly embraced by the European Union well before they were ready - to open up new markets for corporate expansion and domination. The corporate owned western mass media serves it's masters well. More important than the one sided version of events it does report, is the large amount it does not - contentious issues are largely ignored in the hope that they will be overlooked or forgotten. The gap continues to widen between the rich and the poor and between demand and supply of our dwindling resources. Quality education and health care have already become the provise of the rich, denying the masses an adequate start in life or a dignified conclusion. As these anomalies widen further, dissatisfaction could lead to unrest.

Will the truth of 9 11 ever be officially revealed?
Probably not - why endure the embarrassment of reopening old wounds and admitting complicity? After all, it is half a century since John F Kennedy was gunned down for having the audacity to exercise the power of the President,  making decisions opposed to by the military and CIA in order to bring about a more peaceful and harmonious world. Though not widely publicised, the fragmented truth of his assassination is now in the public domain, but we still await an accurate official account to set the record straight.

What more might we expect to see?
Despite the growing realization that our natural resources , particularly cheap easy to extract oil, are running out and can no longer satisfy current and still growing world demand, no measures are being taken to curb either our swelling appetite or the corporate model of infinite growth. Oil extraction in the Amazonian rainforests of Ecuador is expanding - at great cost to the environment and native communities. Drilling at sea is going into dangerous deeper waters and into higher latitudes, where the risk of resulting environmental catastrophe is significantly increased - the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico demonstrated that. Expensive, more difficult to extract reserves are still abundant, but extracting these takes an enormous toll on the environment.  A process called "fracking" is contaminating much of the USA's underground water and has now begun in Britain.  Canada's wilderness is being trashed to inefficiently extract oil from its tar sands. No stone is being left unturned in the quest to extract every last drop of oil and other fossil fuels as rapidly as possible to satisfy an ever growing appetite for power, chemicals and plastic.

America is still smarting from the failed CIA assisted coup attempt in Venezuela in 2002 and will no doubt try again at an opportune moment.  The sabre rattling against Iran, another prized oil region, is intensifying. An outright invasion would cause worldwide consternation, but if conflict were to arise between Israel and Iran, then the Americans might justify coming to the aid of an ally. With China and Russia supporting Iran, however, this could well be the spark required to ignite a third world war! In this March 2012 radio interview, Mike Ruppert explains why the West needs to engineer regime change in Syria prior to the invasion of Iran.

The long planned gas pipeline from the Caspian basin to the Indian Ocean also needs to transverse Pakistan, as well as Afghanistan, though with compliant Musharaf now out of the picture this may well entail military 'persuasion' to secure a safe corridor within Pakistan's western border. This may be what  the May 2011 pantomime (we found Osama but disposed of the body before anyone had a chance to verify it) was preparing us for and today drone strikes by the U.S. against supposed militants in both Yemen and Pakistan are becoming more frequent. What can we do to stop any of this? Probably nothing. The mass demonstrations worldwide ahead of the invasion of Iraq were simply ignored, as were the more recent "Occupy" movements - what reason have we to believe that any further similar protests will not be?

Where do we go from here?
Every 4 or 5 years, depending on where we live, we exercise our prized democratic rights by going to the polling station to vote for one of a choice of 2 or 3 parties to govern us for the next 4 or 5 years. But we are now resigned to the fact that whichever party succeeds, nothing significant will change. The government will continue to be dominated by the corporate model of infinite growth and to spend billions of £'s or $'s of taxpayers money IN SECRET - on projects or covert operations which, if we knew what they were about, we would not support or condone. We expect that when the next financial crisis hits us, which it surely will, our governments will once again squander more vast amounts of taxpayers money in attempt to bail out the profligate banks. As Guardian columnist George Monbiot repeatedly points out - it's capitalism for the poor and socialism for the wealthiest 1%. We must thank the "whistle blowers" everywhere, and in particular Julian Assange, the Australian who risked all - his freedom, safety, civil liberties and much more to bring us , the website that has exposed multiple government misdeeds. Major banks have colluded to block public donations to this organization via the major credit cards - Visa, Mastercard and others. He is victim of a sexual entrapment sting in Sweden and in refuge from possible USA extradition. The British Government has refused to give him safe passage out of the UK following the granting of political asylum by Ecuador's President Rafael Correra, even though Sweden has now dropped the allegations of rape.

We live on a planet with finite resources. We are using up these resources at an unsustainable rate and trashing our environment in the process. In the West we have become extremely wasteful - we toss away highly engineered pieces of equipment simply because a single component fails, we throw away furniture not because it is worn out, but simply that we have tired of it's appearance. We have to change our way of life to one that is sustainable - respectful of our natural surroundings and the other life forms with which we share this planet. Exploitation of our natural resources must slow down so they can be used sparingly, so our descendants may continue to derive benefit from them. We must recycle and repair everything we can. We must stop being wasteful of electricity and make greater use of renewable energy. We must stop cutting down our precious rainforests and toxifying our oceans, rivers, land and atmosphere. We must abandon the farm subsidies to rich nations that impoverish poor nations. But before we can achieve any of this we have to change the system, for it is damaged and in need of drastic repair. True democracy has to be restored and our political system completely overhauled. Over the past century, the countries that have fared best have been those in which a sensible balance 
between capitalism and socialism has been reached and maintained. Britain used to be one of them but in emulating the American way it has allowed that balance to wither. The Occupy Wall Street movement, echoed in many capitals around the world, is the first sign of a disenchanted public shaking off their complacency and prepared to make a stand against the state assisted looting of taxpayer money in support of the irresponsible conduct of private sector financial institutions. Despite the trivialising of this movement by the media, we can expect more of the same unless our governments are prepared to take heed of public concerns and act accordingly.

It is only to be expected that tiny nations like Dominica fall into line behind the unfortunate examples of our mentors. We in Dominica strive to contain corruption and lack of transparency in our politics, but it is an uphill battle when there are so few
 worthy roll models to follow. Our economy, based simply on farming, fishing and tourism, is in debt and at the mercy of the IMF and donor countries vying for influence. Our tourists are looted by their own governments and our farmers compete to supply countries which subsidise their own farmers and impede us with trade barriers.

Dominica and our Global Environment Home Page Dominica The Earth
A Corporate World Dominica Sublime - a poem about Dominica the global warming crisis
Once upon a time in the West The Banana Story The crime of FRACKING

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A 3 part documentary Zeitgeist: The Movie, by Peter Joseph, was released in 2007 as a non-commercial work but later became an unprecedented internet sensation. In 2010 it was updated to address dated material and improve overall accuracy. Part 1 addresses the fraud that modern day religion has become, especially in the USA - the only rich nation in which religious fundamentalism is on the increase. Part 2 examines the events of 9/11, why they happened and the contradictions of the official account. Part 3 looks at the puppet masters in the background, exploring a series of monetary related and power issues.
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Book - The New Pearl Harbour, 2004
"I studied American history, so I knew that the US government had fabricated 'incidents' as an excuse to go to war several times before". Griffin presents a case that leaves very little doubt that the attacks of 9/11 need to be further investigated.
Book - The New Pearl Harbour Revisited, 2008
Part One reviews the original whilst Part Two updates that earlier discussion with everything that has come to light since, including the most recent developments. Thanks to The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, everything needed to evaluate the official account of 9/11 is now available in a single volume.
Book - 9/11 Ten Years On: When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed, 2011
Griffin shows the Afghan war to be legally and morally unjust from the outset. He demonstrates that the official account of events of 9/11 would have required a dozen miracles - which he interprets as violations of the principals of science. Was Bin Laden just a convenient scapegoat?
book - Towers of Deception
book - Towers of Deception, 2006.
Many carefully-researched books and documentaries have exposed the official story of 9/11 to be a terror fraud. Yet the mainstream media have monolithically failed to ask elementary questions about anomalies in this story. "Towers of Deception" explains why and prescribes actions to break out the truth. Authored by a lifelong journalist who was for 35 years a media critic, the book provides 26 "Exhibits" of evidence proving "beyond a reasonable doubt" that 9/11 was an inside job.
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book - The New Rulers of the World, 2003
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Michael C. Ruppert
CROSSING THE RUBICON - the decline of the Amerocan Empire at the end of the age of oil
2009 book, A Presidential Energy Policy: Twenty-five Points Addressing the Siamese Twins of Energy and Money
2010 book Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy & Money in a Post Peak Oil World
dvd Collapse, Nov 2010

Michael Ruppert knows better than anyone what goes on behind the façade of American democracy. Born into a family with intelligence connections - Mum worked for NSA, Aunt worked for CIA - he became a narcotics cop with an aptitude for detective work in the LAPD and had a CIA fiancée who tried to recruit him. When he discovered the CIA bringing narcotics worth billions into the USA and began investigating, he got fired, threatened, shot at, burgled, put under heavy surveillance etc. in a campaign of aggression designed to intimidate. Since then his dogged investigations led to a website called From the Wilderness which sought to inform the American people of what is really going on that is not reported. Their offices were bombarded by mild radiation and email sent to them contained unknown viruses. In 2006 the offices in of FTW were broken into and their computers smashed.
CROSSING THE RUBICON - the decline of the American Empire at the end of the age of oil is a most thoroughly researched and articulately presented account of  how the American political machinery really operates, as opposed to how it should. Saturated with conflict of interests is a club of corporate and banking tycoons, oil and military contractors, politicians, CIA and mafia, with certain names drifting back and forth between them. In respect of 9/11 Mike presents the evidence as one would in preparation for a criminal investigation, establishing the motive, identifying the culprits and providing a wealth of background information to substantiate it. The bottom line is that cheap oil production is past its peak, with demand outstripping supply. Combined with this is a world financial system now reliant on debt and derivatives trading and Wall Street being propped up by billions of dollars of illegal drugs money. Our world of finite resources is in conflict with the flawed corporate growth model. The whole system needs reinventing is dedicated to uncovering the truth surrounding the events of 11th September 2001.
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FIREFIGHTERS FOR 9-11 TRUTH Many brave fire fighters risked their lives responding to the events of 9-11. 343 of them died that day. They and public responders were told the dust was safe but it turned out to be a lethal cocktail of cancer causing toxins. Many illnesses and over 1,000 resulting deaths have been largely overlooked and inadequately compensated.
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