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Dominica Sublime
Dominica Sublime


     Dominica is a special place, with nature all around

        Where waterfalls are plentiful, so soothing is their sound

     Massive trees with buttress roots tower up to the sky

        Before spreading out their canopy to shade us from on high

     The forest that surrounds us is every shade of green

        With blossoms adding colour, this is an artistís dream

     Zel-mouche on the forest floor, heliconia leaves reach up

        Sweet nectar from their splendid flowers, the hummingbirds will sup

     Parrots fly above us, they flit from tree to tree

        Whilst foraging for nuts and fruit, squawking noisily

     Agouties scour the forest floor, rummaging for food

        Whilst manicou sleep in the trees, at nightís when they come good

     Bromeliads and orchids decorate the trees

        Collecting moisture from the air, you can feel the forest breathe

     A stick insect you may observe, if your eyes are keen

        Or mullet swimming happily in a nearby stream

     Tree lizards are a common sight, they call them Zandoli

        When males stick out their orange bib, that is a sight to see

     Abolos are larger, the ground is their domain

        They like to chase each other, the speed they moveís insane

     Green and grey iguanas, look from a bygone time

        Prehistoric in appearance, on our crops they like to dine

     Whist geckos cream with rounded toes, patrol our walls at night

        Their dark eyes sharp, a moth they spot, then quickly pounce and bite


     Gliding through the undergrowth the grass snake wends its way

        Looking for a cricket or a bug on which to prey

     Boas are enormous and in many trigger fear

        But to us they are quite harmless, thatís the reality


     Herons stalk the rivers, seeking crabs on which to dine.

        Whilst titiwi the shallows climb, thousands in a line

     That cackling that fills the air, a kingfisher is there

        Or that distant note so haunting, from the lonely solitaire


     As the day begins to warm, the frigate birds appear

        Rising on the thermals, circling far and near

     Pelicans glide just offshore, where abound young fish

        Then suddenly they plunge and splash to catch a tasty dish


     Butterflies are all around, to watch them is such fun

        Their wings spread out like solar cells, harvesting the sun

     When perched upon a pretty flower, feeding looks quite hard

        To reach that tasty nectar, their tongues curl out so far


     Sunsets are a wondrous sight, there are no two alike

        Descending oíer the ocean, taking with it our daylight

     When the skyline has no clouds, we look for the green flash

        A golden yellow shrinking spot, turns green, then quick, itís past


     The sky begins to darken, the birds all go to roost

        To be replaced by flying mice, which also have a use

     Those radar ears of bats detect the sound of tiny wings

        They hoover up mosquitoes, devour those pesky things


     With air so clear the evening sky becomes a glorious sight

        A million stars are there to see, twinkling so bright

     The constellations can be seen, bright is Orionís belt

        A shooting star, that streak of light, a meteorite doth melt


     A spot of light is moving fast, it is a satellite

        And when the moon is overhead, itís almost like daylight

     Flashing lights of green and red, a plane is on its way

        Bringing tourists from afar, to enjoy a sunny stay


     When sun and earth and moon align, there is a shadow cast

        The moon blocks out the sunshine, light dims until its past

     Or when the shadow of the earth is cast upon the moon

        In full, its colour changes, just like a red balloon


     The moon above the ocean sends a thousand shards of light

        Reflecting on a rippled sea, the waves they dance so bright

     Then thereís the nighttime chorus, cicadas on the trees

        The crickets chirp and when it rains, the tweet of frogs sounds sweet


     As the night time ebbs away, the cooing doves begin

        Distant roosters start to crow, the birds all start to sing

     The day begins, the sky is clear, the air it feels so fresh,

        Itís time for breakfast, local juice, bananas, pawpaw flesh


     Volcanos are our backbone; their peaks reach up so high

        So many in one tiny spot, earthís moving plates are why

     Telltale signs are all around, hot springs we so adore

        Tiny bubbles like champagne, rise from the ocean floor


     Clouds of steam are swirling from the churning boiling lake

        Though getting there is quite a hike, itís an effort all should make

     The scenery is splendid, up slopes, ahead we forge

        Once back we soak our tired limbs, in the Titou Gorge


     At Chaudier the waterís deep, you can high dive from the side

        Or enter from the stream above, on natureís water slide

     A Malfin circles in the sky, scouting from above

        Its telescopic eyes seek out a lizard or a dove


     The long and winding roads traverse our steep topography

        And from above, that forest cloak makes them so hard to see

     At last we reach a mountain pass, we stop our eyes to feast

        The Caribbean Sea lies west, the Atlantic to the east


     And in between a landscape, of colour bathed in sun

        Our cameras click, we take our snack, the tour has just begun

     As we pass through farmland, the workers can be seen

        Tending crops of pineapple, bananas or dasheen


     Saturday is market day, with fruit and veg piled high

        Round vendorís stalls the public throng, their groceries to buy

     Sundays is when friends meet up, on a west coast beach

        Or a picnic by the river, thereís always one in easy reach


     The fishermen bring in their catch, into a conch they blow

        That fish is ready to be sold, it lets the locals know

     We see a ferry moving fast, a white tail in its wake

        To Guadeloupe or Martinique, its a trip we like to make

     And in the ocean waters, whales and dolphin play

        A giant turtle comes ashore, in the sand its eggs to lay

     Snorkeling is also fun, the western sea is calm

        Itís like another world down there, the waterís clear and warm


     The western world we left behind, strangers rarely say hello

        Here itís different, greetings flow, almost everywhere you go

     Your car might have a problem; you stop to see whatís wrong

        Those passing often offer help, its fixed before too long


     In abundance talent flows, in music and the arts

        When Michele sings it always lifts our spirits and our hearts

     Forest scenes are reproduced, on canvas for our walls

        In harmony a choir sings, rejuvenates our souls


     Carnival is always fun for young and old alike

        Steel pans ring out our favourite songs, the music comes alive

     The costumes are amazing, queen contestants lead the way

        We gaze up at stilt walkers, itís a colourful array


     When Creole time arrives each year, thereís lots to see and do

        Fashion shows, Ms Wob Dwiyet, all in madras costume

     On Creole Day we all dress up, and go to work that way

        Then three nights of live music, go on until next day


     Jazz 'n Creole at Cabrits is a summertime event

        Outdoors in the afternoon, the musicís heaven sent

     Cannons line the ramparts, at this historic fort

        Where in the past the French and English, many battles fought


     Sometimes our lives are threatened by the actions of mankind

        A hurricane approaches, safe shelter we must find

     When it hits the rivers roar, bridges wash away

        Roofs blow off and buildings flood, itís a course we have to stay


     Once the weather eases, we assess the aftermath

        The damage that we must repair, in the wake of natureís wrath

     Restoring can be costly, we all must toil and sweat

        We try to help each other, whilst descending into debt


      A year has passed the roads are patched, our power lines restored

        The buildings we repaired are now much stronger than before

     Despite the climate turmoil that the future holds in store

        This paradise is still our home, we couldnít wish for more


     But then the unexpected, a deadly virus strikes

        The outside world is falling sick, weíve never known the likes

     Western leaders in a tizz, chasing round like dizzy flies

        Unprepared and ill equipped, the blame game now applies


     Here we had some common sense, our ports were quickly closed

        Strict testing on arrival, and quarantine for most

     Our neighbours acted likewise, but soon became blasť

        Allowing back the cruiseships, now theyíre in a bad way


     As I write we flourish still, though patience is the key

        The vaccine roll-outís going well, so soon we should feel free

     To throw away our facemasks and once again shake hands

        To get a hug from grandma and not avoid our friends


     Our leaders they have acted well, its safety first we know

        Our health is more important, than tourists in Roseau

     For all those wishing from outside, to share our paradise

        A spell in isolation first, they know that is the price


     The time has flown since we moved here, two dozen years ago

        The garden trees we planted, itís been fun to watch them grow

     So as I write I can reflect, our lives are surely blessed

        Dominica has a special charm, in nature weíre caressed


     This planet that we live on, right now is under threat

        Beyond our shores eternal growth is the trend we must forget

     Our species has to change its ways for our children to survive

        The futureís plan we must construct for our planet to revive


     A billion years of natureís way made possible mankind

        Diversityís the key to life, a solution we must find

     To overcome the power, that greed and wealth now wield

        Requires a total reset, some comforts we must yield


     A distant Empireís in decline, crumbling at the core

        Balance needs to be returned, between the rich and poor

     A construct of financial might, relies on distant wars

        This can only be undone, with democracy restored


     We watch this pantomime play out, as the years roll by

        From our semi isolation, upon the nature isle

     We live our life in harmony, thatís why I pen this rhyme

        Dominica, Edenís best, is paradise sublime

Dominica from southern toe

  August 25 update


     Since writing this the cruise-ship blight again infests our shores

        Inviting deadly delta to march right through the door

     Delta has evolved with stealth to sneak past all our checks

        Remaining dormant long enough to bypass many tests


     So vaccinated carriers, they travel unaware

        That they transmit the virus, ships bring in from elsewhere

     Whilst we are under curfew, locked down in our home

        This cargo moves across the land, our sites theyíre free to roam


     For eighteen months we kept it out, we thought weíd won the fight

        Now delta lurks among the crowd, hiding out of sight

     Itís waiting in the shadows, for those without the jab

        Delivered by a loved one, or the driver of a cab


     No one here has fallen ill from getting vaccinated

        But thereís an anti vax campaign, facts misrepresented

     Maybe those arriving should be kept a little longer

        And cruiseships are of prime concern, as they now pose a danger


     A sad day just a week ago, covidís first victim

        A lady we all knew and liked, our future now looks grim

     We need to act in unison to keep this thing at bay

        Then Dominica might prevail, for that we hope and pray

                        January 10th 2022 update   


     The delta surge has left its mark, forty seven down

        Now twenty twenty two is here. this is the final round

     Omicron has taken charge itís swept the rest away

        A variant less potent, has come to save the day


     Infections they are soaring, but deaths are going down

        Far less people getting sick, relief is felt all round

     We canít avoid exposure, with vaccine or without

        But now the risk is minimized, this virus has no clout


     For this we have to thank the mice, where Omicron evolved

        Before returning it to us, pandemic now resolved

     A few more weeks of caution, whilst Omicron makes hay

        And then our lives will be returned, our masks weíll toss away.

The story of the first cruiseship
Coronavirus ourtbreak, January 2020

story of the first cruiseship covid event
Number infected 712, Number of deaths 14

The full story of the ORIGIN of Covid 19.
A Sky News Australia documentary
posted 20th September 2021

click to watch

Note, this video was removed from YouTube within
24 hours of it going live, but has since been re posted.
Watch it whilst you can.

News update. 23 October 2021 - The USA's NIH has admitted that it was actively funding "gain of function" biodefense research at the Wuhan Institute. This was successfully achieved by attaching bat coronavirus spike protein to human ACE2 receptors to make them transmittable to humans, then testing on mice -   RT News 6.48 - 11.26.     

News u
pdate. 10 November 2021a whistleblower from a Pfizer subcontractor, Ventavia, cites 6 areas where protocols were ignored during the brief 16 week Covid 19 vaccine trials. Oversight of the USA's FDA either ignored these failings or was compromised. Pfizer has a questionable track record, which includes the unauthorized testing of an unapproved experimental antibiotic in 1996 on 200 Nigerian school children which resulted in more than 50 deaths and left many more severely disabled.
news report on 6th November 2021, 7.52 min. Click to watch 

If you found this poem to your liking, you might also enjoy another that I wrote back in 2002, about a Dominican friend who's life was prematurely cut short as a result of exposure to toxic agro chemicals - Au-revoir dear Coco

Milton Falls
Syndicate Forest
Zel-Mouche & Purple Throated Hummingbird On Heliconia Belisierparrots-Sisserou & Jacco, stick insect
agouti and manicouriver Mulletmale Zandoli
Abolo (ground lizard)IguanasGeckos
grass snake & boaGreen backed heron & titiwi
Ringed Kingfisher, Rufus Throated Solitaire (photo credit Dr. Birdy)
Pelicans divingButterflies - Caribbean Buckeye, White Peacock, Sothern Daggertail
butterflies feeding - Polydamas & SkipperCaribbean sunset
Orion, shooting starblood moon during eclipse
Cicada, Leaf Cricket, Tree FrogRed Legged Thrush, Antillean Bulfinch
breakfast of fruit, juice and coffee
Morne Trois Pitons
hot prings at Wotton Waven and Layou RiverBoiling Lake, Titou Gorge
Chaudier Pool, Malfin in flight
forest canopy from above
view South West
Pineapple, Bananas, Carambola, Dasheenmarket day
relaxing on a Sunday
L'Express des Ileswhale, dolphins, turtle
Michele Henderson entertains
The Sisserou Singers
Carnival pans, contestants
Carnival costumes , stilt walkers
Ms Wob Dwiyet contestCreole Day
World Creole Music Festival
Jazz'n Creole at Cabrits
flood damaged highway bridges
building back stronger
normality on hold
the blame game beginssocial distancing whilst queueing to shopCruiseships bring virus
getting vaccinated at local health centre
Pawpaw & youg Avocado tree

our fragile planetthe wealth gap growsthe military monsterCovid 19 stats for Dominica, early May 2021
cruise ship at sunset
BBC Panorama - the story of the scientific Oxford team who developed the AstraZenica vaccine
first cruise ship allowed back since pandemic began
Prime Minister of Dominica addesses the nation on 21st August 2021
latest covid statistics for Dominica

what really happened in Wuhan
Sharri Markson, author of 'What Really Happened at Wuhan' addtessing the Sydney Institute in June 2021 at the launch of her book

post documentary discussion

Scientific consensus  *  Covid19
was lab created, 
29th June 2021
scientist testifies to GOP House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Select Coronavirus Crisis, 19.30 min. clik to watch

Pfizer has WEAPONIZED the
covid vaccine for EXTORTION
click to watch Gravitas news report, Oct 20, 2021, 7.32 min.

for those wishing to keep up to date with the science,  follow the UK's Dr John Campbell on YouTube
Dr. John Campbell gives regular udates and analysis

In the summer of 2017, after many months of preparation, Michael Lees, a young Dominican film maker, set out to make his first feature length documentary film about sustainable living, by spending 6 months alone in the primordial rain forest of Dominica with little more than a few basic tools - a cigarette lighter and a cutlass. He of course had his camera gear, solar panels to keep it charged, dry bags to store them in and a few religious texts. After 3 months he had settled nicely into his new routine and all was going to plan. Then Dominica was struck by one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded. UNCIVILIZED is the film in which he documents his experience - that frightening night of ferocious wind and rain, falling trees, swollen rivers, the devastating effect upon our small island community, and how we, as a nation, responded to being thrown back to the stone age. His film premiered at Dominica's only cinema in Roseau on the 18th September 2019, the 2nd anniversary of Hurricane Maria, and for several weeks after to sold out audiences. It has also been screened at many regional and international film festivals, beginning with Trinidad. If you missed it first time round, it is available to watch for a small charge of approx. US$5.00 on the vimeo platform by clicking on the image below.

For further information:
Uncivilized Film
Michael Lees Media
John Perkins

post Hurricane Maria Independence Day
by Hon. PM Skerrit, 3rd Nov. 2017

post Hurricane Maria Independence Day Address by Hon PM Skerrit 3rd November 2017

watch UNCIVILIZED trailer
Uncivilized trailer 1.51min.

Director's Cut  6.43min

Hurricane Maria satellite image
category 5 Hurricane Maria 18th September 2017

Timothy Fishleigh interviews film maker Michael Lees and famed author John Perkins
click to watch 74 min. interview on YouTube

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