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(pronounced Domineeca) is an English speaking 
island located in the East Caribbean, in no way associated with the
Spanish speaking Dominican Republic. It attained full  independence from the United Kingdom  in November 1978, inheriting it's legal system and a Westminster style multi party democracy with elections held every 5 years. The three main political parties are:
The Dominica Freedom Party
The United Workers Party
The Dominica Labour Party

Dominica flag the flag of Dominica portrays the Sisserou Parrot, one of two Amazonian parrot species unique to Dominica and commonly sighted in the Syndicate Forest. The other is the Red Necked or Jacco. These parrots are also depicted on the national coat of arms on which t
he motto, translated, is:
"After God, the Earth"

Dominica coat-of-arms

Long regarded as the Nature Island of 
the Caribbean, the images opposite depict the typical lush tropical rainforest  which cloaks much of this mountainous island paradise. Rivers are in abundance, cooling the air and offering numerous opportunities to bathe in a crystal clear river pool and enjoy many scenic lakes and waterfalls.

As a visitor to Dominica you will not find  walled in mega-resorts, so typical of many  other Caribbean islands, but small intimate  inns and guesthouses which serve to make your stay a more personal experience.  Private rentals are also increasingly popular.

Dominica is a volcanic island with many mountain peaks above 4,000ft in height and several areas of thermal activity, such as the Boiling Lake in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hot springs occur in many parts of the island and at the village of Wotton Waven in the Roseau Valley and in the forest behind the village of Soufriere in the south west are hot mineral water spa's. Off the south west coast are hot  springs in the ocean, referred to by divers and snorkellers as 'Champagne' - their locations are betrayed by streams of tiny bubbles rising  from the sea bed.

The large outflow of fresh water into the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea to the west, provides an ideal habitat for many species of whale and dolphin, which can be seen all year round on an afternoon boat outing. Diving and snorkelling are also very popular. In fact, as a scuba destination, Dominica is rated 3rd in the whole of the Caribbean basin and is catered for by several dive centres scattered along Dominica's sheltered west coast. There are two Marine National Parks - a submerged volcano at Soufriere/ Scotts Head Bay in the south - around and to the north of the Cabrits peninsular in the north west and a third one should soon be declared off the mid west coast.

Dominica is the only Caribbean island to have a surviving population of Carib Indians. After the Arawaks, these migrants from South America dominated the region for a long period, before being decimated by the colonizing forces of Europe. In the north east of the island, the Carib Territory is an area where their culture is preserved and protected. A traditional Carib Village has been recreated for the visitor at the mouth of the Crayfish River. For a small charge you will be shown a short documentary before being taken on a tour, after which you may sample traditional food at the outdoor cafe and where local handicrafts such as carving and basket weaving may be purchased from several stalls. Such curios and cuisine  may also be found at a variety of roadside kiosks and snackettes throughout the vicinity.

The Cabrits peninsular, with it's two prominent hilltops, projects out into the Caribbean Sea from the
north west coastline just north of the town of Portsmouth. This area played a major roll in the defence of the island during times when the colonial powers were empire building and constantly battling for territory. Today, it is a National Park, with nature trails to observation points at the summits of both hills. The restoration of Fort Shirley has been ongoing for several years now, under the watchful eye of our island historian, Lennox Honychurch. Cannons have been placed back in their  original locations on the repaved ramparts and the refurbished officers mess building is now often hired out for private functions. Dr. Honychurch is also an artist and an author, his most popular books being 'The Dominica Story' and 'Dominica - Isle of Adventure', both available locally.

For those of you contemplating a holiday visit to Dominica, there is an abundance of information on the internet to whet your appetite and help you make  your arrangements in advance. One of these, which has been serving visitors for since 1997 is Nature Island Destinations, a small on-island outfit which offers a wide selection of accommodation at all levels including private rentals and provides supplementary services such as arranging vehicle hire on arrival at the airport, a guide to take you to the Boiling Lake, an outing with a bird or botany expert (foresters), scuba diving at a selection of west coast operators, or an afternoon whale and dolphin seafari.

To those with a more serious interest, considering  retirement or relocation to Dominica and who wish to explore the property market, be careful not to make any of the often common mistakes that can cause you headaches later. Some of the pitfalls to avoid are:
* buying unregistered land
* buying property which has no certificate of title
* buying land which is a portion of an
unapproved sub-division.
* buying in someone else's name in order to avoid  paying the Aliens Land Holder's Licence fee.
* buying property with disputed boundaries.
* buying property which may have a squatter.
* paying money direct to a vendor before consulting a lawyer.

Safehaven Real Estate began life in 1999, based on the U.K. model, and has grown into Dominica's busiest and most successful real estate outfit, with in-house lawyer and a loyal and enthusiastic team of employees.  Their Cork Street outlet is near to the Roseau Bayfront and the website property listings are updated daily.

Syndicate Forest, Morne Diablotin National Park
Syndicate Forest, Morne Diablotin National Park

Boiling Lake, Morne Trois Pitons National Park
Boiling Lake, Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Dominica

Mineral Spa, Wotton Waven village, Roseau Valley
relaxing at a hot meneral water spa

Carib model village, Crayfish River
Carib Village, Crayfish River, Dominica

Cabrits National Park
Cabrits and Fort Shirley

Layou River, central Dominica
Laou River, central Dominica

West coast sunset
Sunset at Macoucherie

heliconia flowers, pawpaw, cocoa pods
heliconia flowers, pawpaw and cocoa pods

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